Pink Shields

A social project celebrating women in the carnival performance community

This dancing gets in the blood. You just want to do it. It becomes part of you. I've been brought up with it and it's been a good life… When I personally got too old to want to, or to be able to dance this energetic dance, I didn't want to leave the carnival world, so I stayed in it on the organisation side.
—Lyn Booth, former General Secretary of the Manchester and North East Cheshire Carnival Organisation, 2013

A social project celebrating women in the carnival performance community.

Aware that only 13% of blue plaque recipients in the UK are women—and as part of the wider project to recover women’s historical and ongoing contributions to society—Pink Shields celebrates members of the carnival performance community who work tirelessly for young people, often in with little or no financial support or formal recognition.

The first plaque was awarded to Elsie Maddock in September 2017, in honour of her lifetime of service to the carnival movement, including as trainer for Goostrey Morris Dancers and adjudicator for the Lancashire Carnival Association for more than 25 years.