Conversation Hats

Lymm Morris Men wearing Conversation Hats at Lymm Rushbearing, 2013.

Rob wearing Conversation Hat.

Lymm Morris Man in Conversation Hat.

Andrew wearing Conversation Hat.

Conversation Hat and detail (2012)

Conversation Hat - 'Purity and Quality Maintained' (2012)

Conversation Hat (2012)

Conversation Hat (2012)

Henry photographed at home wearing Lymm Morris kit.

Steve photographed at home.

Detail of Steve's Lymm Morris hat.

Andrew photographed at home with Lymm Morris hat.

Detail of Andrew's Lymm Morris hat.

Rob photographed at home wearing Lymm Morris kit.

Archive photograph of Lymm Morris Men (1904).

Lymm Morris Men performing at Making Traditions exhibition, People's History Museum, Manchester (2014).


Collaborative making with Lymm Morris Men. Cheshire (2012)

An artistic research project undertaken between 2011 and 2013 with members of Lymm Morris Men, an occasional morris dancing side who perform the historical Lymm Dance twice each year in Lymm Cheshire.

The project explored the material practices of Lymm Morris Men, focusing in particular on the distinctive flowery hats worn by the performers. Participants were photographed with their hats and invited to reflect on the making process and their experiences as morris performers.

A series of hats were created in response and the outcomes were showcased by Lymm Morris Men at the Lymm Rushbearing in 2013.

Participants: Henry Addison, Duncan Broomhead, Steve Guest, Rob Pracy and Andrew White.